Stroll in Plymouth at Sitel

Stroll in Plymouth at Sitel

In Plymouth, Sitel manages in a unique atmosphere, linked to the city and the architecture of the center, one of the coolest sites we have visited. We had a cup of tea at the top of the Ship, report. When you only want… the Crème de la Crème At the very moment when the conditions of their departure are finally known (because of Brexit), let’s not forget that the English, the British, have long provided us with many reasons not to cut ties with the island: the music and the punk movement, the white reggae of UB 40, the soul of Simply Red… Ken Loach, almost any Daniel Day Lewis film, etc. We discovered another, 350 km south of London, in a seaside town, after a train had taken us through the green countryside.

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The English and their cream, it’s a long story. This slideshow requires JavaScript. Plymouth, The Ship, The Daily Mail… It is in this agglomeration of almost 340,000 inhabitants, where nuclear submarines are repaired, where boats have been built USA WhatsApp Number List for a long time and which was bombed and largely destroyed during the 2nd World War, that the world number 3 of outsourced call centers installed its 10th English site in 2017. Not just anywhere: in The Ship, an incredible building located in the north of the city and which has earned its designer architect (see See My Ship box below) not glory and beauty but distinction and recognition. The building, in the shape of a boat, seems to have a particular attraction for the communication and media professions: it housed the activities of the Daily Mail, a daily newspaper with a large circulation until 2013.

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Clear, open to the countryside and surrounding woods, with an open roof that allows a 360 degree view of the countryside. The sea, this metal and glass liner is simply astonishing. Sitel has set up its tenth UK center there, due to sustained growth: the group’s activities there are growing faster than the market, almost 12% per year (outsourcing market growth of 4% ) . More than 650 employees ( the associates)perform customer service and ATB Directory technical support missions, mainly for distributors and companies in the utilities sector. As everywhere in the sites we visited, the onboarding of these new recruits is the subject of all the attention and adaptation of the processes sometimes, when a client intends to infuse his corporate culture. See my Ship It is a visionary and recognized architect who designed and designed the incredible building which now houses Sitel’s 10th site in the UK.


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