But according to , a minute of video is

But according to , a minute of video is

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s true, because no matter how well crafted, the right picture online attracts far more eyeballs than a simple headline. equivalent to 10,000 words. Ten thousand! That’s a pretty bold assertion, but statistics back it up. Using video in online marketing can lead to a powerful ROI. Especially in the world of social media marketing, videos help posts rank higher in the algorithms that determine who sees what in newsfeeds, and drive more interest and engagement from viewers, combining the natural appeal of video with the power of social media Combined.

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a video about a product were more likely to buy from this business, and of online shoppers said the video helped them make a purchase decision. Back to those executives we mentioned earlier: Those who watched the online video said they clicked through to the supplier’s website. of people looking for more information about a product or service. Contact Supplier. 100% of people who watch online marketing  Thailand Phone Number List videos go on to make purchases for their business. That’s not all. Incorporating video on your homepage can reduce bounce rates, reports say. Companies using video marketing report positive ROI. Additionally, experts predict that video will account for almost two-thirds of all traffic in 2010.

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video marketing works, what’s the best way to incorporate it into your existing social media marketing strategy? There are many different video types that businesses can use to market their products or services through social media. Short video clips, accelerated time-lapse videos using , longer, more ATB Directory in-depth videos on , and streaming videos on , are the most popular methods. Each has its specific ideal use case. Just for a glimpse. For best results, brew in your favorite large pot. Video posted by #HappyHalloween AM JUNE YEAR (PDT) Videos are allowed up to seconds of action, so anything conveyed in the video needs to be short, sweet, and to the point.


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