What should have been a triumph

What should have been a triumph

And pasted the text of a blog post from our client’s website onto their community page, but didn’t name our client as the source of the paragraph, and didn’t post a link to say thanks. This was just a single article, no context or source was given and the post went viral!  on social media has turned into a growing frustration for our clients, with every share, like and comment asking who wrote such a wonderful tribute, it makes us The indignation grew day by day. Of course, the post continued to perform well on other channels too (including the linked one), so all in all it was still a huge success.

But we miss out on hundreds

of social media interactions, and it annoys us. That’s what we do. Our graphic design department created a lovely background image on which to place the tribute text. Then, at the bottom of that image, we added a line saying thank you to our customer. We put this image on a blog Algeria Phone Number List page and started sharing it on social media. We immediately saw a difference in how people reacted. Because the image is now an integral part of the tribute, they wanted to share it too and not just the words.

So the message remains intact

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including the line naming our client. We even managed to alert those who only saw the cut and pasted text to this new improved version and successfully redirected their attention to the original. Yo! Disaster averted and virality achieved. So what’s the point here? First, make sure your business ATB Directory is clearly associated with every piece of content you share. Mentioning your company once or twice at the beginning or end of an article is not enough. Interweave mentions of your company in every article, so removing them compromises its integrity and defeats the purpose of sharing it.


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