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If you end up buying a product through my affiliate link commission. Pricing corrected on September 26, 2018 Source. bälkiot-ja-sämäuset/miten-free-journalisti-hinnoitelee-tyonsa/ Pin the post to Pinterest so you can find it later work at home13 things I learned from the Digital Revolution [that changed the direction of my life] For making online courses / e-books | 0 Comments | Tiia Konttinen This can also be shared… like HBO’s theme songs 399 SHARES Facebook 398 Twitter Pinterest 1 LinkedIn 13 things I learned from the Digital Revolution.

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 What training or coaching has changed the direction of your life? For me it was Digital new database Revolution’s E-book Mastermind. perfect time, I was unemployed and wanted to start my own digital company. The education was worth the price for an unemployed, single mother of two special children. I think I paid about €650 for the course as a whole. But the course was worth every euro. 13 things I learned from the Digital Revolution I have been an entrepreneur for almost three years.

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There is a very high probability that I would not be here without the Digital Revolution course. In this post, I’ll tell you 13 things I learned from them early in my career and how it all changed my life. 1. Design your business to support the life of your dreams The longer I’ve been an entrepreneur, the more this issue has been emphasized. Although I already knew when I was making the business ATB Directory plan that location-independent business, implementing this in practice was another matter. With the help of the digital revolution, I realized how it makes practical sense to do this.

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