Google Search Results Changes Ad Tag and Brand Names

Google Search Results Changes Ad Tag and Brand Names

Until now, ads were identified in mobile search results with the tag. Either at the top of the page or at the bottom of the page. On October 14th, Google announced the change of this label from “Ads” to “Sponsored”. This tag is already implemented: With this, Google only wants to ensure that the ad is easily identified as such in the search results. For brands that have active advertisements, it is important to monitor whether the number of clicks suffers a decrease with the change of this label. Name and favicon change Google also announced a new change they called “Site Names”. This change is also specific to mobile only and consists of giving more prominence. To the name of the websites in opposition to the url’s in the search results.

Name and Favicon Change

In addition to this change, the favicon will be displayed next to the site name and url of each search result. Google initially rolled out this change only to results in English, French, Japanese and German, assuming gradual rollouts for other languages ​​Kuwait WhatsApp Number Data over the next few months. We tested it in Portuguese and we can already see this change implemented. before the change before-change With the change What you can do? Want to make sure your brand name that appears on Google is what you want it to be? To do this, you need to add the Website Schema to your website. This schema has information about your brand.

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Want to Make Sure Your Brand Name That Appears on Google

In this article , we show how you can implement schemas and how to check if they are well implemented. Want to make sure you have the favicon on your website and that it’s well implemented? In order for your brand logo to appear in Google’s search results. You need to implement the favicon according to Google’s specifications. Google provides help ATB Directory with favicon implementation . This change may also impact the clicks you receive on your search results, so we advise you to pay attention.


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