Take the audience on a behind-the

Take the audience on a behind-the

If days ahead, you can use email newsletters as well as social media channels. Then, minutes before you go live, use all your social media channels to drive people to your stream. You can even do this multiple times during your live broadcast to get the most viewers.-scenes tour. Today’s customers love to know what’s going on behind the scenes of your business. Use live streaming to show viewers how your manufacturing process works, how your designers come up with style ideasWhile live streaming has been around for years through tools like , , and , many brands aren’t harnessing the power of live streaming even if they’ve fully embraced the use of video., or how you test new products. Keep your narration short and crisp, and let what you’re witnessing guide your video.

Interview a thought leader

Interviews with thought leaders or well-known personalities work really well on-air. Like a live Q&A, a live interview provides viewers with a sense of intimacy and connection with the interviewee. To extend this advantage, you can also answer audience questions. Repurpose live video. Going live doesn’t mean Belarus Phone Number List your video ends when you hit the stop button. As you’ve read in our previous article on , live streams not only attract more viewers while they’re actually live, but they also gain greater reach after the live segment ends.

More people tend to watch

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videos recorded live than off-site. This means you can repurpose live video just like any other video. Inserting clips into your blog posts, posting excerpts on your social media channels, embedding videos in your newsletters the possibilities are endless. Live streaming offers huge potential for ATB Directory businesses large and small. To see how we use live streaming, check out , and tune in every Friday to live streaming from . 1 Ways to Grow Your Brand Through Live Streaming By Shama Hyde Categories Social Media Marketing Posted on Dec 21, 2019 Share With the entry into live streaming via , live streaming has suddenly gone mainstream.


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