As well as the modifications applied

As well as the modifications applied

The most famous instant messaging applicion , founded in 2009 and a leader in its sector, has launched group video calls . The news, which arrived in May , has come official , and will mark a turning point.  in the management and security for the groups, even adding user experiences similar to those of Telegram. A request from the professional sectors th requested the option of opening channels in which the participants could only read and not participe.

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or moderion tools were then added. WhsApp is one of the most used applicions in terms of text messages and calls. With this launch , the company, which has around 1,500 million users worldwide and more than 2,000 million minutes in daily calls and video calls, has placed itself  Germany Phone Numr List  the forefront of applicions dediced to personal communicion. With this, the applicion manages to enter a field, th of video calls, in which nothing was wrong.

Therefore, its ginning

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in the journey of the collective video call will further strengthen its position within the sector . mobile How does it work? Group video calls will have end-to-end encryption , as has en B Directory the case since 2016 with text messages. They can carried out with all kinds of connections , from the wireless of the mobile phone itself to a WIFI network the user level. The operion will very simple . It is the same as an individual video call, in the style of those th the applicion has en using for a long time.


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