Once you realize this and get

Once you realize this and get

First, there is more space. Second, you have more opportunities to provide specific or complex points that can be backed up with hard data. For example, in a shorter post, you could provide the following information: Readers tend to pay more attention to the first few paragraphs of a blog post than  used to it, you may find yourself enjoying those long posts more than the short ones. Combine multiple angles, viewpoints or subtopics into one essay. We all write various types of posts to further our digital marketing the later ones because, in general, people lose interest quickly. But in a longer article, you can discuss more details. This means you can back up the message with data (and you should do this as much as possible anyway, especially in longer post.

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in more detail in another example. Readers tend to pay more attention to the first few paragraphs of a blog post than to the later ones because, generally speaking, people South Korea Phone Number List lose interest quickly. In fact, according to Nielsen Norman Group research, it’s the first three paragraphs on a page that people pay the most attention to: From and Neil Patel Takeaway? The most important information in your post—where, when, why, and how—should be contained within the first three paragraphs.

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information really should be in the first paragraph. Then you give people more motivation to keep reading. In case you haven’t noticed, this is also good advice for writing longer posts. Realize that writing longer means more freedom. One of the biggest benefits of writing longer, more detailed ATB Directory posts is that it gives you breathing room. You can relax into your topic, rather than feeling like you have to cram all the relevant information into a few paragraphs. It’s like finally having room to stretch your legs after being in a cramped cubicle for so long.


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