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How-To Articles, Tips & Tricks, Opinion Articles, Overviews, Resources If you regularly look at the blog posts you write, most of them probably fall into one of these categories. One of the ways to make these long posts easier to write is to think of them as a combination of different types of posts. t, back up that opinion with case studies or data. You can include the counter opinion of another industry expert. Doing so will make your writing richer, more interesting, and more nuanced. Doing this well will make people come back to your long posts over and over again.

Not only will they get useful information

from them, but they will actually enjoy reading them. Use subheadings, images, click-to-tweet links, and white space to break up text. As you can see in the Onion title above, uninterrupted text can be intimidating for any reader, even if they’re reading it on paper. In any post, no matter  Spain Phone Number List how long or short, it’s important to include images, subtitles, click-to-tweetsWriting epic posts can be a challenge, but they don’t have to be overwhelming. We hope these tips help you turn a blog post into a masterpiece. , bulleted lists, and other things that break up large chunks of text. But for longer posts, this is especially important.

In addition to being easier

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to read, subheadings and other visual elements allow readers to easily find their place. If they’re scrolling through words, chances are they’ll get distracted at some point during the reading. They need visual landmarks to help them quickly get back to their place. Most people switch between ATB Directory browsing and reading blog posts. Use subtitles to pique their interest. Click to Tweet One more thing to keep in mind. Most people switch between browsing and reading blog posts. Subheadings that pique their interest prompt them to switch into reading mode so they absorb more of what you’ve written.

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