Dark social: what is it how is it measured

Dark social: what is it how is it measured

Once you do that, you don’t have to worry about where your content is being shar and while you may not always be able to keep track of it, it will always be doing its job no matter where it ends up.  and how does it work? How to Create Epic Content: Writing Tips for People Who Hate Writing By on 10/07/2020 Share So you’ve just been put in charge of your company’s brand new blog and the Director has given you full creative Control. This is exciting news, right? Except for one small detail: you’re not a writer.

In fact, if you’re being

completely honest, you don’t even like writing. Now that the written word has become an integral part of a digital marketing plan, many people find themselves in this situation, especially in small and mid-market companies that may not have the resources to hire full-time Armenia Phone Number List content writers. available. This can be very difficult for the person appoint to run the blog, especially if the freelancer doesn’t have a lot of money. When you add the fact that the optimal length for a blog post is at least 10 words in terms of sharability and shareability, as the CEO of the blog explains in her new book, Approaching Corporate Blogging as a Non-Author It looks even more intimidating.

So how do you handle

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your new role when you’d rather be doing something other than stringing sentences together and worrying about grammar? How do you create a well-written, informative, and interesting blog that people want to read (and agree, it’s important to yours)? Well, the content team has ATB Directory some tips for you. We’re writers, lucky enough to love what we do, in fact, we even write for fun, not just for work. crazy, right? Over the years we’ve written for different audiences in different miums, and we’ve pick up a few tricks that can make writing easier and, dare we say it, enjoyable.


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