At first glance, this may seem

At first glance, this may seem

Take a look. Whatever you’re writing about, choose an angle that interests you. like a luxury. After all, you can’t pick any topic at random. You and the rest of your marketing team may have agreed on certain topics that you want to stick to that are relevant to your industry. If you’re not interested in these topics, you might just be out of luck. (If that’s the case, you’ll want to read our article How to Write Engaging Content for the Most Boring Industry.) Not so fast. If you find yourself in this situation, all you need to do is zoom out a bit. Switch camera angles.

Don’t think of a topic

as a finite, complete idea, but as the hub of a wheel. The spokes of that wheel will be the angles related to the subject. Whatever you’re writing about, choose an angle that interests you. Content Marketing Click to Tweet with this hypothetical subject: European-inspired furniture. write about the table Utilize Geofilters For brick-and-mortar businesses, geofilters can be a unique way to Austria Phone Number List encourage customers to come to your location. A geofilter is a tiny sticker that overlays a user’s picture or video when their phone is blocked in a certain location. Any business can create a filter and submit it to , for a small fee (approximately $ per square foot). Once in place, you can invite customers to your business using.

In turn, they share your

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business with their social circles. Geofilters can also be incorporated into other strategies, such as customer engagement, for greater social impact. Inviting customers to engage with Deakin University Twitter marketing like any other social media channel can offer your brand a unique ATB Directory opportunity to engage with your audience. There are various ways to do this through the application. You can invite your audience to send you URLs of their use of your product. You can ask questions and demand answers through short videos, pictures or doodles. Contests are another way to invite customers to participate.


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