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Mary Kay Video & Live However, when we live-streamed the groundbreaking of their new manufacturing and research facility, they got views.  Mary Kay Live Video. It also has great reach: a livestream of the Mary Kay fashion show reached 100000 people, and another video we pre-recorded reached 100000 people. This means that you are all set for success simply by launching a high-quality live stream. Embrace spontaneity and readiness. For businesses, creating a video usually requires This has a real advantage over uploaded videos because viewers feel like they have to watch it right away, not an hour or a day later, or every time they think about your brand again. a lot of preparation.

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of video, you may need to prepare a full script, studio, cast, and even lesser-produced videos often require a lot of pre-planning. With live streaming, you can achieve a different balance. While you want to make sure you’re well-prepared to give your viewers a quality experience, you also Azerbaijan Phone Number List have to make sure you don’t overproduce and lose the appeal of your live broadcast. What does it mean? Well, in terms of preparation, you need to make sure you have a strong, reliable internet connection. You have to make sure that the website you stream from is available and uncluttered.

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a rough idea of what you want to say to your audience. In terms of spontaneity, you want to give yourself room to adjust or change direction if a great opportunity presents itself. For example, if you’re visiting your test kitchen and one of your chefs just finished a new cookbook, why not do ATB Directory an impromptu interview with him? Live streaming doesn’t have to be polished to be effective. When it comes to , embrace spontaneity while being prepared. Click to Tweet Take advantage of the sense of urgency that live broadcasts bring. Live streaming creates a sense of urgency and immediacy that is hard to replicate in the social media world.

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