What factors should be considered before purchasing?

Whereas common Ethernet switches are not reliable enough to before purchasing transmit data accurately in harsh or critical environments. Industrial switches with the above important features can challenge harsh conditions. Some typical applications of industrial switches are as follows: Industrial switches in the transportation industry. They are equipped with industrial-grade protective structures such as IP40. Which can withstand high-intensity vibration and shock. And help you obtain data generated by moving objects.

Industrial switches in the energy industry-taking. An underground mine as an example, using an them in a coal mine can effectively block dust, dirt. And other particulate matter that may damage equipment.

Industrial switches in substations -

High electromagnetic interference is a major challenge faced by substations, and rugged, reliable and safe harsh environment switches Cyprus Phone Number List are the answer to this problem. Because they have strong anti-interference ability. They can work in harsh electromagnetic environments. While commercial switches do not support them.

Industrial Switches in Smart City Surveillance-

Using them in Smart City Surveillance before purchasing to provide your Poe devices (such as IP cameras) with the power they need is a smart choice for monitoring crowds and traffic. Get a powerful industrial network Poe switch to enjoy the benefits of simplified wiring and easier control of equipment. From the perspective of standardization: the selection of them ATB Directory should meet the industry standards, such as the selection of products that meet the corresponding certification standards for high-risk occasions; The rail transit industry should select products approved by the rail transit industry. From the aspect of working environment: mainly consider temperature and humidity, EMC electromagnetic compatibility, protection grade, device method and power supply.

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