The latter ends at 20 kilometers high and

The latter ends at 20 kilometers high and

The last of his achievements has been to reach the mesosphere , the layer of the atmosphere immediately above the stratosphere.  gives way to the mesosphere up to 50 kilometers high. In this space is where the ozone layer is located. Virgin Galactic’s rocket has reached the mesosphere at Mach 2.47 speed , a supersonic flight that exceeds the company’s previous mark. Earlier this year, by testing its VSS Unity spacecraft, the company reached the milestone of its first supersonic flight , at Mach 1.87. He thus follows a constant plan in his progress.

Field tests towards space tourism

In the company’s latest milestone, on July 26, the VSS Unity spacecraft disconnected from the mother ship at an altitude of 14.2 km. From there he put his Rocket MotorTwo engine into operation for 42 seconds , to achieve top speed. Although there is still much to do and to ascend. Virgin  India Phone Number List Galactic’s goal is to take its ship’s passengers 110 kilometers high . This point is above the so-called Karman line, already in the thermosphere. It is in this layer that space shuttles remain in orbit.

For now, the Virgin Galactic

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rocket has entered a little-explored layer of the atmosphere, according to the company. Hence, it wants to collect more information. He certainly needs it if he wants to offer space travel services in the near future. Although this experience will not be suitable for everyone. A ticket is expected ATB Directory to cost about $200,000 .Before Google all this was Yahoo! Jose Maria Lopez Jose Maria Lopez Google is the most used search engine but it was not the first nor was it always the king of the market. We take a look at the rise and fall of Yahoo! and the ecosystem it created.


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