Politeness and Recognition in Business Are Important

Politeness and Recognition in Business Are Important

The importance of politeness in the office Politeness first shows that there is mutual respect. It is up to the company manager to make it reign and to be exemplary at this level, and this, with everyone, whatever the hierarchical level. It makes life easier for everyone within the company, makes relations more fluid and represents a mark of recognition. Real vital need for everyone, it is often forgotten and its absence can quickly lead to the installation of a bad atmosphere. It is therefore more than a simple rite but a practice not to be put aside. Politeness: a question of greetings The advantage of this is that it costs nothing and little (if any) time. Basically, it consists of thanking, saying hello and goodbye to employees, collaborators or customers. Its manifestation varies by location, country and corporate culture. For some, just saying the word “hello” is enough.

Politeness a Question of Greetings

For others, it consists of a real ceremony. In any case, taking the time to greet people can be useful and shows appreciation for the work done, especially in small teams. The absence of greetings can, conversely, be experienced as a lack of consideration for the work done and the usefulness of the person. Taking a few minutes to greet and take a good look at the person when they speak to you often turns out to be beyond normal, useful. Indiscriminate VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists politeness But above all, do not discriminate : greet one and do not greet the other. Smiling is a powerful means of communication. If you talk to one, you can smile at the other or look at them so that they feel included in this exchange.

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The Importance of Politeness in the Office

Politeness to develop in business If respect and congratulations are ways to motivate employees, politeness is even more so. It, or at least the greetings that a business leader addresses to his employees or collaborators. Are essential because they make it possible for each individual to understand. That he is important and reflect a mark of respect. This kind ATB Directory of attitude must be part of the corporate culture and be reproduced by managers. Politeness improves the relationship between business leaders/managers and employees and improves everyone’s well-being. Secondly, studies on happiness in business show it: it impacts productivity. Recognition by compliment The compliment is also part of the translations of politeness. Surely you like deserved compliments and employees too.


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