Why Social Media Marketing Is Important

Why Social Media Marketing Is Important

Related post:  to Repurposing Old Content After a few years, any business that adopts a content marketing strategy ends up leaving behind pages and pages of old content, much of it once a year or more old It is rare to see the light of day. But old content can be a valuable resource that not only improves your SEO, but also brings you a high ROI. Outdated blog posts can be quickly updated with new information and shared again on social media channels.

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Transparent about the fact that you are updating old posts. Since the ideal blog post length is getting longer and longer and is now at least words, another good idea is to combine several older, shorter posts into one epic post. Smooth the transition, add updated information where needed, and Belgium Phone Number List voila! You’re ready to share new long-form content with the world. You can also perform many other operations on various types of legacy content.

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Post into an infographic Use a webinar as the basis for a white paper Write a report and split it into several blog posts Use hashtags and emojis to up your social media game If ATB Directory you’re not already on social media If you want to realize the full potential of hashtags in your posts, then this year is the time to start. Hashtags can go a long way toward expanding your brand reach and getting the maximum reach for a particular social media post or content.


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