How to Betray Consumer Trust

How to Betray Consumer Trust

Rare are those who have not heard of the Findus Affair. Taking an example like Findus is interesting because it has driven a desire for transparency and developed consumer wisdom. From there, each case like Lactalis, various food poisonings, label lies… have installed a generalized suspicion. This real shock wave in the food industry and in the distribution of frozen foods has put many people off. Of what order was and will remain this impact? What were the repercussions? A look back at what has become of the media affair… The emergence of an agri-food scandal The 2013 horse meat fraud is a fraud that involves passing off horse meat as beef by altering the labeling on lots of meat ore. A fraud committed on a European scale.

However, The Facts Speak for Themselves

The group announces the withdrawal of around twenty of its frozen products made from minced meat, in particular 3 frozen ready meals (lasagna Bolognese, Shepherd’s pie and moussaka). The presence of horse meat was indeed found in these dishes, the recipe of which explicitly (and only) mentioned US Companies Board of Directors Email Addresses the presence of beef. After confirmation, it is revealed that some products may contain 90% horse meat. According to the analyzes of the Food Standards Agency (FSA), we sometimes even find proportions of up to 100%! The case, which until then was not British, reached France. The alert is given for the health authorities of the countries concerned: France, Sweden and Great Britain.

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He Minister of Agriculture, Stéphane

Moreover, Announces that an in-depth investigation will be carried out. As for the Minister Delegate for Agrifood, he confirms the possibility of imposing sanctions against Findus. The Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and the Repression of Fraud (DGCCRF) goes up the ATB Directory chain in search of flaws. The Findus company thus finds itself involved in the affair, which in turn accuses its intermediaries. The Fédération du Commerce et de la Distribution (FCD) has also announced the withdrawal of Findus products likely to contain horse meat from six French supermarket chains. Continuation of the episode: a strengthening of controls. Is this reinforcement enough to regain the full confidence of the consumer.


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