Everyone has the same hours

Three main reasons why digital marketing must be a priority: Time:  in their day. but somehow we never seem to have enough time to accomplish everything we set out to do. We are distract by countless messages and emails.and our days quickly slip past us before we can tackle those to-do lists. By using a priority model.you can organize your day.week.month and use your time more efficiently. Time is usually the driving force behind most prioritization models. Recognition: Digital marketing campaigns cost money. Using a prioritization model can help you make the strongest business case to your boss.team.department or client for a strategy worth investing in.

Most prioritization models

Include numerical scores that allow you to objectively demonstrate the value of your marketing to stakeholders so they can quickly decide whether to approve. Consistency: If you don’t know what your own marketing priorities are.how can anyone Bahrain Mobile Database else know? Using a prioritization model can help align employees across the organization.When you choose which variables to use to effectively prioritize tasks.you can align them with your organization’s overall goals or objectives.

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This can help ensure

That what you’re doing is exactly in line with where the company is going. Popular prioritization models maximize productivity and performance Now you ne to choose the prioritization model that best suits your nes. There are several prioritization models and techniques. Some are as simple as scatterplots. While others involve custom formulas and variables but we’ll cover custom scripts later. Here are four of the most popular models us by ATB Directory digital marketers today. Value and Complexity (using a scatterplot) This method is by far the easiest way to prioritize tasks. You can simply take the todo list and plot each task on an axis. With complexity on the axis and value on the axis.


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