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On the other hand, it can be counterproductive if you do not know how to control the noise, since it can create a disturbance and thus affect your productivity. Likewise, it is important that you have a predetermined music list, this way you will avoid for Students in changing songs and save time. UPN prepared a playlist of 40 songs on Spotify, so you can relax and study more peacefully. You just need to click play to start. And if you don’t have this app yet , what are you waiting for to download it?

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There are times when a simple message in the morning can make our day a great day at work or school. A message that we could hear from a loved one, from a b2b leads television program or simply seen on our social networks. That message motivates us to take action or carry out an activity that we were putting off or that could make a basic idea become something big. And motivation is like that, it leads us to look for resources that can guarantee the stability and progression of our lives.

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In that sense, motivational phrases mean a refuge in times of crisis and the power to promote what we want to achieve, such as the desire to learn and good grades in studies. In times of pandemic , for example, the uncertainty of an uncertain future took hold of many ATB Directory students and caused their motivation to decline. Added to this were technical for Students in connection problems, which hindered the desire to learn new knowledge. Faced with this situation, many students decided to abandon their university career. That is why motivation plays an important role in life so as not to falter.

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