How Georgia Pacific connects with

Georgia-Pacific advertises its popular paper brands — including Brawny, Angel Soft and others — on retail media networks. Overseeing these campaigns is Paras Shah, the company’s director of digital media. In our discussion, Shah offers his perspective on changing shopper behaviors and what brands can do to proactively reach them through RMNs. Being proactive is key because the rapidly growing RMN landscape

Lacks standardization

Media buyers beware. This year, one significant step was taken when the IAB released guidance on measurement standards, which are b2b email list now open for public comment. The competitive pressure for grocery brands and home products to maintain a presence at the retailer has only increased in the digital space, as consumers buy more products across categories through ecommerce. The RMN boom is, in large part, a

Result of brands

 And retailers working together to find the best way to reach these customers as their habits shift toward delivery and pickup. (The interview has been edited ATB Directory for length and clarity.) Q: Why did you decide to start advertising Georgia-Pacific brands on retail media networks? A: I worked at a number of companies before, but began at Georgia-Pacific in 2016. I was actually leading the ecommerce sales business, so basically

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