Director of digital media Paras Shah tells

Took away their [delivery charges]. We worked with retailers and told them “we’re actually going to pay for the delivery costs if they buy $20 of Georgia-Pacific products — we’ll subsidize that.” Those were the instances where we saw significant lift in sales for our products. So we saw our household penetration grow when we partnered with retailers on how to overcome some of the barriers to pickup and delivery. Q: When

You were first leading

The ecommerce strategy, did you ever consider your own mobile apps or other DTC strategies? A: We were initially exploring how we could play in  business email list that space. We did sell direct-to-consumer in a very small way. What we were doing initially was trying to sell folks on the data play, using DTC to collect first-party data for our database. We were keeping an eye on third-party deprecation very early on because there were a lot of

Regulations coming

 And retailers working together to find the best way to reach these customers as their habits shift toward delivery and pickup. (The interview has been edited ATB Directory for length and clarity.) Q: Why did you decide to start advertising Georgia-Pacific brands on retail media networks? A: I worked at a number of companies before, but began at Georgia-Pacific in 2016. I was actually leading the ecommerce sales business, so basically

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