How to use SEO to your advantage for better results on Black Friday

How to use SEO to your advantage for better results on Black Friday

In November, preparations to take advantage of Black Friday move commerce here in Brazil. As the pandemic is making people have to adapt their shopping habits, the role of e-commerce is even greater, and online stores must know how to be more prominent in search engines so that they do not go unnoticed by their potential consumers. Therefore, it is essential to know how to use SEO to your advantage for better results on Black Friday. This year, the date falls on November 27th, as it is the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States. This is when people look for stores, physical or virtual, to find big discounts. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips that we have separated are valid for 2020 and also for other years. But first, it is important to highlight that digital retail revenue increased by 56.8% from January to August, compared .

See how to use SEO for Black Friday

To last year. This reflects the impact of the new Coronavirus on the way people purchase products. As searches on search engines are the source of information for many potential buyers, focusing on SEO is essential. People turn to them to find the best discounts and the most unmissable opportunities. Even if you use paid campaigns on Google Ads to stand out in searches, the best deal is still to guarantee Israel Phone Number Data  organic – and free – results from good SEO, generating a more significant conversion. To better optimize results in online searches, it is necessary to position products focused on Black Friday on Google. As? Work on keywords and content capable of increasing your sales during the discount period. It is essential to allow users to find everything they need to carry out the task, without leaving out any important information.

Check out some tips that will help you

Also, remember to be safe, as not everyone feels comfortable and some become suspicious when faced with flashy promotions in November. And don’t forget to correct any existing flaws on your website, as they could hinder acquisitions. Check out some tips that will help you: Ensure user protection by ensuring that your website and the purchasing process are completely secure; Research keywords related to Black Friday and don’t be afraid to use them in your content; Identify technical problems in your portal that are making it difficult for Google to index it ATB Directory or rank it; Ensure the best possible usability, which includes increasing page loading speed; Make sure your app, if your store has one, is working properly; Optimize the images of the products offered, as this helps your e-commerce to have a better chance of appearing in Google image searches; Create a specific landing page for .


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