The Importance of an Online Store

The Importance of an Online Store

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the year 2020 brought radical changes, at the level of companies and prospects, which extend over time. Periods of confinement and the suspension of various activities have changed routines and behaviors throughout society. Internet usage and online shopping skyrocketed to unprecedented levels in Portugal. IDC predicts that, in 2025, the percentage of Portuguese using the Internet will exceed 90%, converging with the European average. Source: idc / acepi study at made2web, we are attentive to changes in the market. And the results of the digital economy in portugal study, in its 2020 edition, lead. Us to believe that companies have to think seriously about their. Digital presence, especially those that still do not have an online store.The change in consumer behavior was so drastic that we are witnessing a turning point in the digital transition.

Reasons for Online Shopping Abroad

Either companies adapt now to this new reality and bet on online, or they run the risk of being left behind in the face of the competition. The 10 most relevant data from the studies The Online Consumer This annual study on the evolution of the Digital Economy in Portugal covers several areas: Digital transformation; Internet Use by Consumers; Presence of Companies on the Internet; Electronic Commerce. The 2020 results allow us to Iran Telegram Number Data draw important conclusions about consumer behavior and the growth of online commerce in our country. 1. Internet penetration in portugal internet-penetration-in-portugal source. Digital economy study in portugal, developed by idc in partnership. With acepi the consequences of the covid-19 pandemic are reflected in a faster growth in. The number of internet users, bringing portugal closer to the european average.

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Online Shopping in Portuguese Stores Vs Foreign Stores

Percentage of users who shop online 51-of-portuguese-internet users-shopped. Online-in-2019 source: digital economy study in portugal, developed by idc in partnership with acepi despite. Still being below the european average, the increase in online shopping in portugal was higher than expected. Here again the increase in expected growth is higher than the European Union average. But the most interesting thing is the 6% growth from 2019 to 2020 in Portugal. With the mandatory quarantine, many users have adopted online shopping. 3. Average number of online purchases per month 73-of-consumers-made-more-than-one-online-purchase-per-month on average Source: Digital Economy Study in Portugal, developed by IDC in ATB Directory partnership with ACEPI It should be noted that not only are there more users buying, but they also buy more online. 43% of these consumers buy more than 5 times a month and 30% between 3 to 5 purchases, which is impressive data.


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