Community building, customer service and internet detox.

Although social media has established itself as one of the main fronts of Digital Marketing, it is far from being static. This fact is not only revealed in the emergence of new networks and the updating of current ones, but also in the dynamism that strategies must have. In other words, what has always worked for your brand may start to stop bringing results. This volatility is closely linked to changing user behavior and the evolution of platforms . Therefore, it is essential to be aware of trends to use social media appropriately and effectively. With that in mind, I’ve listed some of the main trends in social media for 2020 that you can’t miss. 1. Digital detox Social media already has 3.484 billion users around the world, which is equivalent to 45% of the global population . This way, brands of all sizes have an incredible opportunity to promote their business and impact pot.

Influencers and word-of-mouth marketing

Ential customers like never before. Like everything that is too much, however, many people are beginning to adopt a “detox” stance from Hong Kong Phone Number Data social media, choosing to delete profiles and spend less time online. In other words, much more than. Adopting a favorite network and focusing on it, people are truly trying to stay away . From Facebook, Instagram. And others. Whether temporarily  or permanently. To give you an idea, in the United Kingdom. One in three adults are reducing their use of social media. 8% of them have already deleted their accounts and removed social media applications from their cell phones. This social media detox has been driven by the negative impacts that connection time can have on people’s mental health and well-being . Distrust of platforms, caused by problems such as fake news and data leaks, is also responsible for this behavior. This aversion on the.

Social media as customer service

Part of part of the population, however, does not mean that social media should be . B anned from Marketing. Strategies or that they are no longer effective. Now, however, brands need. To understand. This scenario to better define Their objectives with the use of   social media, review results estimates and diversify the Marketing  budget on other fronts, such as e-mail marketing and  ATB Directory  search marketing, which sometimes can better serve certain   specific objectives that differ from purely social communication. Furthermore, it is increasingly   important to focus on content that is relevant and adds something to followers. Much more than memes, your brand needs to have a positive and memorable impact on your audience. 2. Digital communities Social media has always been about the sense of community, dialogue and exchange . And brands that want to participate in these conversations must remember that they need to offer quality content and truly help their consum.

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