Social media without metrics How to deal with this trend

Social media without metrics How to deal with this trend

Instagram removed the display of the number of likes. On photos. And this appears to be just one of the first. Steps in a trend that is Brewing on social media. Recently, we saw Instagram. Eliminate the number of likes on photos. As a result, DShe metric was only available to profile owners. Regardless of why the measure was taken, social media has always been about metrics . After all, one of the great advantages of Digital Marketing is precisely having access to real-time data so that we can optimize campaigns and make more accurate investments. However, even with this premise, many decisions were still made based on public data , especially on social media. The big issue is that “hiding” this data is becoming a trend on the networks. In addition to Instagram, YouTube has already changed the way it shows metrics and it appears that Twitter is also consideri.

Establish qualitative metrics

Hiding likes and reposts. What should be done, then, to develop Similarly,  A dequate plans and continue obtaining results even without access to the numbers? 1. Establish qualitative Similarly,  Metrics In Digital Marketing, we are very used to quantitative results indicators. Still, there is a lot of  India Mobile Number Data  room to develop qualitative analyzes that can often bring more insights to the campaign.  Similarly,  When we talk about actions . Similarly,  with influencers on social media, qualitative metrics can be even more important. Although brands are used to buying only numbers, it is worth emphasizing that quantity does not indicate the success of an action. An example of this is analyzing and taking into account the content of the comments on a post about your product. What was the reaction of the influencer’s followers? Did they comment something about the brand or just praise the influencer? And, if they commented about the brand.

Monitor campaign results

What did they say? Keep in mind. Similarly,  That the main objective Similarly,  of. A strategy of this type is to use a person’s . Power of influence on social. Media to lead your audience to action. Similarly, So, is it really worth investing. In an influencer who has big numbers but doesn’t speak directly to your audience? Identifying a good influencer requires following them for a while and better ATB Directory understanding who that person is . What are his values, what he preaches and consumes. From this deeper analysis, it will be easier to understand whether it really has synergy with your brand. Of course, the audience should not be left out of the equation. However, it is worth rethinking the weight it usually exerts on campaigns and trying to balance decisions and analyzes with qualitative data as well. In other words, in addition to estimating the reach of a post based on followers, also monitor the comments.


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