5 Advantages of hiring an External Digital Marketing Department

5 Advantages of hiring an External Digital Marketing Department

In global terms, companies have increasingly sought Digital Marketing strategies that boost their business locally and/or across borders, with a notable consistency of good results and high analytical capacity. This trend has particularly increased during the COVID-19 pandemic situation. To implement actions in this area, the national business fabric, especially SMEs, hire agencies specialized in Digital Marketing. But with the increase in their investments in the online channel, they often consider setting up an internal department. What will be the most advantageous option? Hire a Digital Marketing Agency or create an Internal Digital Marketing Department? This will be a decisive decision for the sustained growth of the companies.

Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

In the case of Digital Marketing, this applies above all to companies that already have a Marketing and Communications department, and which consequently welcome the internalization of all Digital Marketing strategies, to make greater use of know-how. how internal. At the outset, it is an option that makes sense and that can produce the following added value , from the point of view of human resources management, as shown in the following Qatar Phone Number Data image: 5-advantages-of-hiring-an-external-marketing-department-choice-internalize-digital-marketing-or-opt-for-outsourcing Thus, among several added values, we highlight: Increased HR skills – employees expand their knowledge of Marketing and Communication, now optimized for the digital area, on which they can learn new practices; Increased flexibility in HR activities – employees increase the scope of their professional activities, making their work more flexible and profitable for the company.

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5 Advantages of having an External Marketing Department

The potential increase in HR motivation and job satisfaction – As they are challenged to expand their skills in similar areas and support the company’s new challenges and objectives, it is expected that employees will show higher levels of motivation and satisfaction. But upon arrival, it is not fair to conclude that this is a good option in terms of business , due to several factors, the financial factor being the one that weighs the most (for decision-makers). There is effectively an increase in direct and indirect costs with the internal increase of functions, since: Salary costs; Training costs; Tax expenses; Costs with jobs, with the acquisition of equipment and ATB Directory software; Between others. 5-advantages-of-hiring-an-external-marketing-department-choice-to-internalize-digital-marketing-or-opt-for-outsourcing-costs On the opposite side, we have a solution that appeals to more and more businessmen – Digital Marketing Outsourcing , through the contracting of this type of specialized services to Digital Marketing Agencies.


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