Importance of Analyzing Search Terms in Google Ads Search Campaigns

Importance of Analyzing Search Terms in Google Ads Search Campaigns

There are many factors that contribute to the success of a Google Ads Search Campaign and the analysis of search terms is one of them. Between the keywords defined initially and the search terms actually used by the user, there can be big discrepancies that need to be corrected. Thus, a frequent analysis of search terms throughout the Campaign is crucial to achieving the intended objectives. Search Terms VS Keywords When we talk about this topic, some confusion can arise between the meaning of search terms and keywords , so it is important to clarify the main differences: Keywords (or keywords) – words or expressions defined by the brand to display ads in a Campaign. They correspond to the ideal way in which the user is expected to look for something in search engines. Search terms – words, or expressions, actually used by users to search Google for the solutions they need.

Search Terms VS Keywords

Portion Example: Your brand sells: Dog food . In your campaign you use the following keyword: Buy dog ​​food . Users’ search terms that trigger your ad can be: Buy adult dog food or Buy cat food . Either term can cause your ad to show if you used broad keywords. That is, if your ad appears to someone who has searched for cat food or an animal other than dogs, you will be losing a business opportunity but above all you are spending money without Sweden Telegram Number Data generating any return because you don’t sell cat food. In any Campaign, an analysis of search terms allows you to adapt the keywords to deliver ads to the right people and optimize results. keyword types When creating a Google Ads Campaign, keywords are defined to display the ads.

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Advantages of Search Terms Analysis

Expression in this category, the ad would be displayed in the same situations as. The previous one, but also in cases of variations, including the insertion. Of terms before or after, but never in the middle of the keyword. Wide in this case, the ad would be shown even in cases of greater. Variations, such as: related searches, synonyms and even with words between the terms of. The originally determined keyword. Assuming the same previous example, we show ATB Directory what the buy dog ​​food keyword would look like in each of the types: exact keyword. Expression keyword broad keyword buy dog ​​food buy dog ​​food buy adult dog. Food shop buy dog ​​food dog food dog food in a google ads campaign, using broad or phrase. Keywords will allow your ads to be shown to a wider. Audience because they accept a greater diversity of search terms.


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