8 Tips to Start Selling on Linkedin

8 Tips to Start Selling on Linkedin

Leveraging your LinkedIn to generate more business opportunities is part of a good Social Selling strategy . Want to know how to monetize your presence on the most important professional social network, LinkedIn? Then this article is for you! We’ve put together some advice for you to take your first steps on this social network and, throughout our article, you’ll learn more about the importance of: optimize your profile; share relevant content; work on your personal brand; use hashtags; maintain authenticity; interact with prospects; join LinkedIn groups; measure your Social Selling Index. See now how you can take full advantage of this powerful tool in your sales strategy. 8 infallible tips to improve your presence on LinkedIn 8-advice 1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile The truth is this: your profile is your online business card, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dedicate 30 Minutes of Your Day

Potential clients who see your LinkedIn profile must be impressed by what you share. To do this, make sure that your profile presents at least: profile picture Your profile picture should be professional and up-to-date. It is also advisable to have an Hong Kong Telegram Number Data excellent resolution; cover image Your cover image must demonstrate your skills and competences and be related to the business area you work in or to some relevant aspect of your personality; Title The title should go beyond your current position, revealing how your skills can generate value for the potential client. It is also important that you use keywords that are relevant to your business area; Summary In your summary, try to be creative and use communication that facilitates rapprochement with your potential customers.

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Work on Your Personal Brand

Introduce yourself and talk about your professional career, but more important than talking about yourself is showing how you can be an asset to your future clients; Emphasis Use this space to share interesting content that you have published on LinkedIn or on other social networks and channels so that the visitor to your profile gets to know your point of view and expertise better; Professional experience Take the opportunity to show in your Professional Experience how you generated and generate value for your customers. 2. Share ATB Directory relevant content Offer up-to-date content about your industry, ensuring your name is synonymous with industry knowledge, updates and experience. For this, try to follow the 80/20 rule, in which 80% of the content must be related to industry news or useful content, without presenting your product.


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