How Video Marketing Is Supporting the Sales of Commercial Teams

How Video Marketing Is Supporting the Sales of Commercial Teams

How to feed sales, raise leads and maintain an active flow, circumventing the side effects of a global pandemic? The solution can be a video marketing strategy . The social distance that the Covid-19 pandemic implies puts communication with customers to the test. Companies that have already started their digital transformation now rely more often on video solutions for, for example, 3 marketing and sales objectives: Use informational videos to drive qualified traffic to the website or blog; Create commercial videos to evolve leads into customers; Send case-studies videos, testimonials and webinars, with the support of email marketing automation to retain and nurture customers. Why promote communication through Video? The importance of video for storytelling is assumed ! Users increasingly consume information in video format.

Video Accelerates the Sales Cycle or Process

The video is quick to access, easy to watch and stimulates more than one sense at the same time. It always has its “what” of entertainment, even if it can have an educational or training character. And that is a symbol of flexibility and efficiency. Video allows, better than any other tool: Ensure the emotional side inherent to a face-to-face Laos Phone Number Data interaction; Promote enthusiasm and dynamism in the relationship; Be relevant and non-intrusive in timing. The-video-marketing-in-social-distancing A report by the video platform Vidyard states that 90% of marketers use video as part of their online strategy and that 40% of businesses use video to drive business conversions . By 2021, 80% of online traffic will be video! But Vidyard presents an even more relevant data: 90% of customers say video helps them make purchasing decisions.

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Video Marketing Drives Sales in the Following 3 Ways

This fact is strongly supported by the demand for case-studios and video testimonials. Video is increasingly used in reviews, stories and sharing experiences. And it is already considered one of the best Social Proof digital actions – extremely important for the purchase decision. Consumers like to click the “play” symbol! 15 Worldwide Video Marketing and Video Sales Statistics That Can Change the Course of Businesses A website is 53% more likely to ATB Directory reach the top of Google if it includes videos (Invisia) Video increases organic traffic to a website by 160% (ConversionXL) A landing page with video can increase the conversion rate by up to 80% (Unbounce) Adding videos to email increases clickthrough volume by 300% (HubSpot) People spend 2.6x more time on websites that have videos (Wistia) More than 50% of online users look for videos related.


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