Social Selling Guide What Does It Consist of and What Are Its Benefits

Social Selling Guide What Does It Consist of and What Are Its Benefits

Social Selling emerges as a new sales strategy, where Social Networks are used as a way to boost sales and raise companies’ results to another level. However, the concept of Social Selling still raises doubts, both in companies and in sales teams. Many sellers still rely on direct sales tactics and not on generating value for their potential customers. In most cases, this sales style is perceived as impersonal and intrusive, generating increasingly unsatisfactory results. The digital transition has given rise to the need to adapt and modernize the sales process. Making it closer and more focused. In an organization, directly or indirectly, everyone is involved in sales promotion. Can benefit from an appropriate strategy at this level. For all these reasons, it is essential to understand what social. Selling actually consists of, what are its benefits and how to define an effective strategy in this area.

Myths about Social Selling

Social selling Social Selling consists of a strategy that uses Social Networks to identify ideal prospects, create and nurture a close relationship with them, thus generating influence that then helps boost sales. Currently, the seller’s power of influence is reduced. With more and more access to information, the consumer ends up looking for a seller when he is already advanced in the purchase funnel. Social Selling can be used as a complementary strategy South Africa Telegram Number Data to traditional sales strategies (such as Email Marketing and cold calling) contributing to more contextualized and humanized sales. Sales forces nurture relationships with prospects through interactions that add value along the purchase funnel. This is achieved by building a strong professional brand, capable of generating credibility and authority, helping to position its salespeople at the top of mind of prospects and consumers.

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Social Selling Is the Same as Relationship Marketing

A social selling strategy goes through a few stages: creation of a personal. Professional brand; social prospecting and engagement. Sharing valuable content; building and strengthening relationships. 00-guide-social-selling-1-what-it-consists-and-what-its-benefits. Stages-social-selling-strategy 5 myths about social selling in order to clarify the true definition of social selling. It is important to demystify some misconceptions about this topic. Let’s analyze these 5 myths commonly associated with Social Selling: 1. Social Selling is the same as Direct ATB Directory Selling or Hard Selling on Social Media This is false . Sending your sales pitch to strangers or people you’ve just connected with is nothing more than SPAM. As we said earlier, Social Selling is based on building and strengthening relationships with prospects. Applying direct sales on Social Media corresponds to using interruption strategies to draw the attention of our prospects and customers. Which can even contribute to a distance instead of an approach.


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