Influencers and product experts play key roles in this scenario

Influencers and product experts play key roles in this scenario

Highlighting features and answering questions from viewers, providing a close and humanized interaction. 7. Artificial intelligence It is not only in retail that artificial intelligence is being mentioned as a trend. It is increasingly being  to understand consumer behavior patterns, anticipate individual preferences and offer highly personalized product recommendations. Furthermore, AI contributes to the automation of operational processes, from inventory management to customer service, improving efficiency and allowing teams to focus on more strategic activities. Retail trends in 2024 show artificial intelligence as an essential pillar for retailers seeking to remain agile, competitive and aligned with consumers’ constantly evolving expectations. 8. Circular economy The circular economy reflects a significant shift towards more sustainable and responsible practices that are constantly demanded by consumers.

This innovative economic model seeks to

minimize waste and maximize the life cycle of products, promoting reuse, recycling and reducing environmental impact. Finally, in retail, this translates into strategies that range from the design of more durable products to recycling programs and initiatives to extend the useful life of the items sold. Consumers are looking for  meet these demands, but also to innovate and differentiate their offerings. Ready to put retail trends into practice in Australia Phone Number Data Modernizing your processes in line with what your target audience expects is the secret to making your businessYou can start with a post-purchase message with a video tutorial on using the product, accompanied by buttons to access customer support. You can then send an interactive questionnaire to evaluate the experience and offer discounts for future purchases.


Finally be sure to send a message encouraging

People to share an exclusive offer on social media, transforming satisfied customers into brand advocates. RCS messages: “Welcome t Learn how to use your new product by watching the video tutorial. Tap ‘Watch Now’ to get started.” “How was your experience? We want to know! Take our quick survey and receive a special even Australia Phone Number List more discounts together.” . Conclusion You can see that RCS is a new messaging experience for more attractive journeys for your customers, right? And Pontaltech can be the partner company for this journey. We are official partners of Google and we already have several success stories that prove the efficiency of the channel, in the most diverse possibilities of use. Don’t waste time and start using Pontaltech’s RCS platform in your customer experience journey. Your company will attract, delight and engage even more consumers with this new digital channel.


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