Social Selling Guide Tips and Tools for Success

Social Selling Guide Tips and Tools for Success

Social Selling has gained increasing importance thanks to the results it allows to achieve in terms of sales. When done in the most appropriate way and using the best tools, it is possible to get the most out of your Social Selling Strategy. In this article, we have already deepened the definition of Social Selling , dispelled some myths about this strategy and presented the main benefits of its application in companies. Very briefly, Social Selling strategically uses Social Media to find and develop close relationships with prospects and customers, create and strengthen our personal brand, and position ourselves as experts in our field. When that connection is transferred to direct contact (through a phone call or a meeting, for example) closing sales becomes much easier.

Find the Ideal Prospects

6 Tips for the success of your Social Selling Strategy Social Media platforms can be very useful for brands and businesses to approach and interact with customers and potential customers. For this, there are some behaviors and precautions that you must have in order for your Social Selling Strategy to be successful. social-selling-guide-3-tips-and-tools-for-success 1. Create your personal brand In sales, image is essential, both in the real and digital Korea Telegram Number Data world. Keep in mind that Social Selling is always done person to person. Thus, the way you present yourself on any Social Network should be well studied, always with your buyer persona in mind. The goal is to make her identify and feel that your profile inspires confidence. social-selling-guide-3-tips-and-tools-for-content-success 2. Apply a content strategy Content is another important point to work on your credibility and succeed in Social Selling.

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Optimize your sales with Social Selling

After choosing the Social Networks you want to work with, commit! Develop the most suitable content strategy and stick to what you set out to do. A steady pace of publications, sharing valuable content and relevant interaction with your contacts are part of any effective Social Selling strategy. To make the most of your content, apply the Pareto Principle: focus 20% of your time on content production and 80% on its dissemination on different Social Media ATB Directory platforms. 3. Find the ideal prospects Social Media can be very useful sources of information about your prospects, but you have to know how to listen. And it is Social Listening that will help you to know the main pain points of your potential customers . This will give you a huge competitive advantage when it comes time to present your solutions to them.


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