SEO tips for personal LinkedIn profiles

LinkedIn is the most popular professional social network on the internet and, just like in the market, attention there is highly sought after. To stand out and arouse the interest of other users to the point of having your profile viewed hundreds (or even thousands of times), you need to engage and connect. The more connections, the more references your profile receives, and the more viral it becomes. In addition to interacting with your contacts, there are some SEO tips that can be applied so that your profile is more findable and stands out from other similar ones. 13 SEO tips for personal profiles on LinkedIn 1 1.Use descriptive titles for your links. Every LinkedIn profile can list up to 3 links, such as “corporate website” or “blog”, but these default options are not very descriptive and therefore do not help search engines promote you. The best solution.

Use descriptive titles for your links.

To use your own title for your URL, selecting the “Other” option. Write with prominent keywords, such as “My Blog about Digital Marketing”. 2.Complete your profile. This is a common and underestimated mistake. Many of us don’t invest enough time in the task of completing our profile, but know that the more information-rich your page is, the more content there is to be associated with you by search engines. 3. Optimize your job  Spain Phone Number Data titles Include short adjectives that specify your job title to immediately explain your role. In addition to attracting the attention of those who read it, it becomes a perfect bait for search engines. 4. Join as many groups as you can Joining and interacting with relevant groups in your market will not only expand your network of contacts, it will also optimize your page’s SEO. Since the group name will appear on your profile, search.

Complete your profile. This is a common

Engines will relate these terms to who. You are and what you do. 5. Connect, connect, connect Search for your. Contacts in all sources available. Connect your LinkedIn. Account with your Facebook, Twitter and email so that you. Aan add all your friends on. Other social networks, or your contacts in real or virtual life. 6. Work on job descriptions Spend time thinking about the best way to put into words your roles and  ATB Directory results in each position you held. Use relevant. Keywords and format your content in a list instead of running. Paragraphs, for example. 7. Have a custom URL Having a personal URL has little impact on your page’s SEO within the. Network’s own search engines, but it makes you more findable in real life. Add your. New URL to your business card. And take your personal networking to the networks. 8. Don’t overload on keywords.

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