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Facebook is the social network of the moment, buzzing with news and new users. This The engine understands  means that getting a slice of this pie is a daily struggle with the competition. Despite the clear positive results on investment, it is unfair competition to compete with so many different brands and with so many status updates from your fans’ friends. infografico_googleplus_FEATURE This infographic (in English) organized by Digital Information World demonstrates why Google+ offers a different panorama and how it can become a valuable tool, if explored professionally. It brings together simple tips and techniques that brands can use to stimulate engagement on the network and gain significant followers. infographic_googleplus Some of the information the infographic provides us with provides a clearer picture of Google+’s role today. There are more than 300 million active users and, despite its late “birth” (it was only in 2011 that Google+ opened for access), the network.

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Continues to grow. As its main advantage, the network has a high. Engagement rate: 42% of users  The engine understands  use Google+ to interact .With brands and still generate quality traffic for business. Websites – around 2.45 pages per visit. You can see from the tips in this infographic that the main advantage of the network over Facebook is that on G+ your company can be part of communities, in which you can meet people, offer solutions to any problems that are shared there, and expand your reach of your brand. Circles of interest are also a plus. They make it easier for the company to segment Switzerland Phone Number Data its content and even add people to a “VIP” circle with the followers who interact the most and offer exclusive content, such as first-hand offers. Take advantage of these incredible tips and complement your content marketing strategies, as it will definitely result in strong relationships.

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And future customer weight in the ranking of your LinkedIn profile on Google. The more endorsed your knowledge The engine understands  is, the more often it will appear in search results. Ask your acquaintances to kindly offer their credibility in favor of your profile, and do the same for them! Source: Get Found on LinkedIn, by Richard Foshee, for Inbound Marketing  Agents Get Found on LinkedIn. Topics: Social Mediaall the difference. 7. Promote ATB Directory  your links. Last but not least, promote your article, both on and off. LinkedIn. Build a good network of external links for . Your messages and share the publication on your different social channels. This will increase. Your visibility, which is in fact the main success factor. Of any content, no matter where it is published. Do you have tips for writing. Something that will really be. Successful on LinkedIn? Leave a comment to let us know what has worked for.

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