The 6 phases of a Digital Marketing Plan for companies

The 6 phases of a Digital Marketing Plan for companies

A Digital Marketing Plan is essential to determine and put into action. The most efficient digital strategies to reach a company’s business objectives. Such as, for example, more revenue or more customers, but formulating much more specific objectives. How to create a Digital Marketing Plan without losing focus? When building the digital marketing plan for your company, remember that it will have to respond objectively. Quantifiably to your company’s objectives, typically financial growth, as mentioned above. I make this exception because. It is very easy to get lost in the details of a plan and forget about the fundamentals. The viability and growth of the business. Therefore, I suggest that you view your digital marketing plan. As a financial plan and focus on the numbers: the business numbers, the number of customers, the number of leads.

How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan

Digital-marketing-plan Click on image to see larger Excerpt from the Digital Marketing Plan of a real Made2web customer, in which the billing objective was quantified by type of product and then all partial values ​​were defined. As a rule, a strategic Digital Marketing Plan includes, in addition to marketing and business objectives, tactical actions, timelines, target audience, channels and tools, financial and human resources. With so much detail and intrinsic Turkey WhatsApp Number Data analysis, it is expected to lose focus here and there. Thus, and in order to be able to focus on the numbers as I suggested above, it is necessary to have a lot of discipline in the sequence to be created. What is the right sequence to formulate the Digital Marketing strategy numbers? Do the following exercise: you have to think and quantify the digital marketing objectives for your company.

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What Is the Right Sequence to Formulate the Digital Marketing

If it seems unusual to you, reflect on the following, from the two below, which sequence of. Questions seems to make more sense to you to define the values ​​represented with “x”: right-sequence-for-digital-marketing-strategy-numbers 1 – sequence. Of type: start – end. From the general to the particular: increase qualified traffic to my website by x% generate x% more leads via website get x% more customers online. Increase company turnover by x% 2 – sequence type: end-start. From the particular to the general: increase company turnover ATB Directory by x% Get x% more customers online Generate x% more leads via website Increase qualified traffic to my website by x% I consider it to be the 2nd sequence, as the fundamental “x” refers to the company’s turnover growth, so this “x” must be the first to be defined.


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