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The perfect social selling strategy , that is, sales throughking out those who have already expressed interest or need for your products and services. Anyone who arrives very thirsty for the pot, without humanizing the brand and showing interest in what their followers have to say, will cultivate lukewarm responses and general disinterest. Social Selling- the sales engine 2.0 FEATURED First of all, you need to establish the relationship as a priority. After all, sales are all about relationships, and we cannot let the “telemarketing” sales culture make this obsolete. All planning and organization of the content to be published must aim to build and maintain the brand’s image among its followers, as well as establishing dialogues. In other words, the sales process does not happen in the published content.

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But in the conversation that this content generates. When using social. Selling as a sales strategy, the brand will seek  rue needs .Helping with their knowledge and ideas, making the target. Much more attainable than by traditional means. Traditional sales. After engaging the customer, it only makes sense that. Follow-up is also done through social media, happening through a. Consistent conversation, just as it is also necessary to deal with online complaints. Queries and any other type of post-sales Sweden Phone Number Data  assistance. Understand a little more about how this works in the video produced by WSI, in English, and leave your questions or opinions in the comments! Repeating the same keywords from the beginning to the end of your prof.ile will not bring advantages in the face of search algorithms, so use terms of secondary importance, but.

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Which are still relevant and descriptive of what you are and do. 9. Promote your prersonal networks, such as Facebook, Twitter  Disquos and any other site you participate in. 10. Capture recommendations Recommendations made by co-workers or bosses are of great importance in building the value of your page, as well as making you more interesting in the eyes of employers. 11. Don’t leave fields blank Leave nothing to the imagination, define a timeline ATB Directory  of skills, capabilities and positions, so as to leave no doubt to those interested. 12. Sell your fish Promote all the material you publish or participate in on your network, in the form of statuses or group posts. This provokes interest from 2nd or higher grade contacts and adds credibility to your links. 13. Collect endorsements for your skills Recommendations of skills and abilities have.

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