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You’ve already defined your digital marketing goals and you already know what you want to achieve. And now? Before starting to produce content, it is essential that you define your plan of attack. In this article, we share the 8 steps that must be an integral part of a good Content Marketing Strategy, so that you can organize step-by-step operations . 8 Steps to Creating Your Content Marketing Strategy creating-a-content-marketing-strategy Click on the infographic and save it for later! 1. Build Buyer Personas The first step in a Content Marketing Strategy is to define Buyer Personas , in order to visualize and describe your ideal buyer.

Evaluate the Results and Optimize

Identify your SMART goals and KPIs Defining SMART objectives and the KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators ) to measure in each of them is an essential step in your strategy. Only then will you be able to correctly assess the performance of the plan and see if what was initially defined was achieved. 3. Audit the company on digital and analyze the competition This means doing an internal and external analysis. You should evaluate the contents that your company has made so far, understand what worked or not, but also analyze the actions of your Lebanon Phone Number Data online competition . A digital audit will allow you to understand which type of content performed well or reformulate the rest. For this, you can use various tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, among others.

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Many Optimizations Can Be Done on the Fly

Create an Operational Plan The operational plan must be realistic according to the available resources, both in terms of staff and budget. Remember that it is important to outline it with a plausible timetable so that it is possible for the team to fulfill it. 6. Build the Project Team This is the time to define the actors and rigorously determine the responsibilities of each one. Team members depend on the type of project and content format. For example, to create ATB Directory a video you may need to bring together the following experts: Content Manager; Copywriter; Designer; video maker. In turn, a Google Ads campaign may need: Specialist in Search Engine Advertising ; Copywriter; Designer. The essential thing is to organize the team that best suits the project’s objectives and ensure that everyone knows what their roles and responsibilities are so that the final content is as expected.

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