What Is the Impact of the Coronavirus and Covid-19 on Sales and Digital

What Is the Impact of the Coronavirus and Covid-19 on Sales and Digital

A new type of coronavirus was first identified in humans in late 2019 in China. COVID-19 (the disease it caused) spread rapidly on a global scale. The impact of the coronavirus was not limited to health issues, it also affected the economy and several other areas, such as Digital Marketing. In just over 3 months after the first report at the end of December 2019, the barrier of 300,000 infected worldwide was exceeded. Social isolation was implemented as one of the most effective weapons to stop the spread of COVID-19 and several measures were taken to guarantee it. In Portugal, and in the world, everything changed in the first months of 2020. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures In addition to hygiene recommendations, social isolation has proven to be efficient in controlling the spread of the coronavirus. Many companies closed their physical spaces and sent employees home.

Impact of the Coronavirus on Digital Marketing

Telework was imposed whenever possible and the daily lives of companies and the general population suffered a strong impact. Drastic and totally unexpected changes like these lead to changes in people’s behavior with consequences for Digital Marketing as well. In times of enormous uncertainty, the thirst for information about the new coronavirus and COVID-19 has profoundly changed the focus and search habits of consumers around the world. Impact of the coronavirus on Digital Marketing Globally, the impact of the coronavirus on the type Singapore Phone Number Data of searches carried out on the internet has led to major changes. Suddenly the focus of people’s attention has shifted and the online search for information. About covid-19 and everything related to it has increased significantly. 02-what-the-impact-of-coronavirus-and-of-covid-19-on-digital-marketingsource. Neil patel demand for reliable sources of information has skyrocketed. With searches in the media area growing by more than 30%.

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Extraordinary Times Call for Extraordinary Measures

There was also an increase in demand for topics related to health and food, but also on the financial impact. Of the coronavirus on the economy. The most visible impact, however, is on the opposite side: the drastic. Decrease in interest in almost everything that is not related to the covid-19 pandemic. Topics related to travel or real estate, which were booming at the time, dropped sharply in consumer interest. The decline in travel and tourism-related traffic declined by almost 50%. “Brands are losing money, traffic and conversions!” explains Neil Patel, about the impact of the coronavirus on Digital Marketing. At the E-commerce level, COVID-19 caused ATB Directory significant changes but totally variable depending on the type of products sold. Here, conversions increased explosively in foodstuffs and staples.


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