Google Analytics What Changes with This New Version

Google Analytics What Changes with This New Version

At the end of 2020, Google released a new and improved version of Google Analytics: Google Analytics 4.0. In this article we will explore its main advantages and changes compared to the previous platform. What is Google Analytics? The creation of a website must always have a concrete purpose. Whether generating visibility for a brand, promoting sales or disseminating information, one or several objectives must be defined. To assess its effectiveness in achieving each of these initially stipulated goals, it is vital to dynamically monitor the information generated. Only in this way will it be possible to evaluate performance and create a Digital Marketing strategy that brings results.

Where Is the Traffic Coming from

As we have already seen in this article , Google Analytics is a platform provided by Google that allows you to monitor and analyze the actions of those who visit your website or App. How it works is relatively simple: just install a tracking code on your website through this platform. Afterwards, it will start collecting data about the behavior of its Israel Telegram Number Data users by generating different reports. Depending on what you are most interested in evaluating, you will have to make the necessary settings and use this data to carry out optimizations. google-analytics-4-0-what-changes-with-this-new-version What kind of data does Google Analytics provide to monitor the performance of your website? According to your business objectives, it is possible to track different types of information on your website using Google Analytics.

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What Do Users Do Within the Website

With the collected data, you can answer several questions: Who are the people who visit your website? Here you can get data related to age, gender, nationality, language and many others. Where is the traffic coming from? If people enter from organic Google, an ad from your Google Ads campaigns, or a Social Network, for example. What do users do within the website? You can know, for example: how long they stay there, which pages they visit and where ATB Directory they click. Did the user do what he wanted or not? Here you can define the purpose: the user making a purchase, filling out a form, or other behavior. The data presented will indicate whether or not what you defined was achieved. Classic Google Analytics is based on these 4 main reports. The information collected is very comprehensive and allows you to really understand the behavior of visitors and improve certain actions.


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