What Is Personal Selling and What Are Its Advantages

What Is Personal Selling and What Are Its Advantages

How to boost sales in a way that positively impacts your business? This is where personal selling makes the difference. Focusing your business on personalized selling is the key to generating more leads and increasing your business sales . In this article we will explain how it is possible, by clarifying concepts, advantages and explaining the process. Here are the points we will cover: What is personal selling?; What are the objectives of personal selling; 5 Characteristics of personal selling; What are the advantages and disadvantages of personal selling. 8 steps to implement the personal selling process. What is personal selling?cms-and-ecommerce Focused on the personal relationship between seller and buyer, personal selling is one of the oldest sales methodologies.

5 Characteristics of Personal Selling

In the past, salespeople would go door-to-door to present their services and solutions to potential buyers. Globalization and the evolution of business and technology, associated with the cost of face-to-face meetings, led to the need to reinvent Denmark Telegram Number Data this practice. Today, personal selling goes beyond face-to-face sales, by integrating a mix of sales strategies, with a view to raising potential customer awareness of a particular product or service and generating sales. By personalizing and humanizing the sales process, building lasting relationships based on trust, with the customers’ interests in mind when offering solutions, personal selling presents itself as a recommended competence for all salespeople. This strategy is widely used in business-to-business (B2B) sales, but it can also be used in business-to-consumer (B2C) models.

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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Personalized Selling

Personal selling is done through direct communication between the sales team. The potential customer, in person or using email, telephone, video call or social networks. What are the goals of personal selling?Objectives. Among the main objectives of personal selling, we highlight: promote better publicity for. The company and the brand, by sharing knowledge with potential customers, educating them about the added value of. The product or service; contribute to reinforce the brand’s. Positioning, through a closer and more personal relationship ATB Directory with potential customers, Helping them in their decision-making process; increase sales through direct contact. In which it is possible to identify needs and overcome objections from potential customers more quickly; supporting potential customers’ decision-making. Especially regarding more complex, technical or expensive products or services. By providing more detailed technical information tailored to their real needs.


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