Paid Social Media Guide 7 Best Practices for Creating Ads

Paid Social Media Guide 7 Best Practices for Creating Ads

However, we can define a set of general rules, or good practices, that should be at the base of the creation of any effective Social Media Campaign. 7 Best Practices for your Ads on Social Media 1. Determine objectives and target audience before creating your ad for social networks. There are 2 essential steps that you should never forget: define. The objective of your campaign it is this objective that. Will guide all the actions of the campaign, therefore it must be aligned with. Its objectives in terms of digital marketing; define your target audience only by. Knowing who you intend to address will you be able to assess where your audience is.

Always Add Parameters in the Ad’s Destination URL

Define where your ads will be published According to your objectives and target audience, you will then choose the location to create your Paid Campaign. First, you must select the Social Network that best suits your purpose. Then, within each one, just choose the best channel to advertise: No feed or timeline; In stories; Through direct message; Others. paid-social-networks-guide-6-7-good-practices-for-creating-ads-places-for-posting-ads 3. Define the type Russia Telegram Number Data of ad you want to create At this stage it is necessary to choose the most appropriate format for your ad, considering all its specific characteristics: Image (single or carousel); GIF; Video; Text; or others. You should take into account, in addition to the objectives and your audience, the tone you are trying to give to your communication. 4. Adjust ad content and size Each of the Social Media Platforms has its own characteristics and rules.

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Define the Type of Ad You Want to Create

On Facebook , remember that the amount of text is limited to 20% of the image. Thus, images with a higher percentage of text will certainly have less reach, which will result in a worse performance for your ad. On the other hand, this rule no longer applies on Linkedin, for example. Here the main concern should be to create useful content for the user. In the case of Instagram, the specifications for publishing an ad in a story or in the feed are different. You have to adjust the dimensions of the images. Analyze the ATB Directory maximum and minimum time of each video, for example. Review the technical specifications of each type of ad and check the restrictions of each Social Network. This is the only way to ensure that the message is correctly conveyed to users.


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