Covid-19 – The Digital Influencer

Covid-19 – The Digital Influencer

The Digital transformation of companies was being implemented, until just over 6 months ago, with more or less intensity. Depending on the maturity of the sectors and the vision of their managers, but the Covid-19 emergency changed some priorities. From one moment to the next, many organizations saw their operations suspended and their employees at home. Faced with this new reality, the companies’ reaction can be structured in three phases. 3 Business Reaction Phases Phase 1 – Paralysis Companies don’t know how to act. And they are faced with numerous questions: How long will the situation take? Is it worth changing the business model and processes? What to do? Phase 2 – Adaptation When they realize that the restrictions are lasting, the adaptation phase begins. Changing business models, processes and behaviors in the way their employees work.

Behaviors and Ways of Working

Phase 3 – business recovery companies internalize the new business and work praxis. And deal naturally with the restrictions imposed by circumstances. The most capable ones take advantage of the new circumstances to explore new opportunities. For growth and recovery of their businesses. Covid-19-the-digital-influencer-3-stages-of-companies-reaction depending on. The sector, the success with which each company manages to emerge from this new Qatar Telegram Number Data reality depends on the time spent in Phase 1 and Phase 2. The shorter the duration of these two phases, the more easily companies can resume their business, or even emerge as market leaders against competitors who had more difficulty in the first two phases. The new market reality has driven businesses towards greater digital interaction.

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Automation and Support Tools

In view of the reactions that we have felt in the business community, it seems to us that this study empirically to other countries and also to Portugal. Sales Forces and Marketing With confinement, sales forces were completely, not knowing how to establish points of trust with their customers. This situation led to the leadership of many companies placing the Digital Training of their commercial teams as a priority on their ATB Directory agenda, thus marking the triggering of the Adaptation phase that we saw earlier. covid-19-the-digital-influencer-the-sales-forces-and-marketing-00 Digital sales enablement is based on three dimensions: 1. Digital Methodology The aim is to implement a methodology that allows trust in the digital relationship between the organization and its customers.


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