The World Is Changing What Is the Role of Sales Forces in B2b

The World Is Changing What Is the Role of Sales Forces in B2b

The world is changing and B2B organizations are wondering about the future of their sales forces. What will the salesperson of the future look like? The answer is not easy, not least because there are several formats, typologies and ways of selling, but one thing is certain there are three forces that are contributing to the change in Sales. The pandemic only accelerated the change that was underway and confronted the most skeptical with the new reality. 3 forces contributing to sales change 3-forces-that-contribute-to-change-in-sales 1. Behavior of the new business consumer new-business-consumer-behavior as a result. Of technological evolution, safeguarding sectoral and geographic asymmetries. That sooner or later will naturally converge, we can say that the business consumer. Is today ‘connected’ to the digital universe and does his research, the exchange. Of experiences and a substantial part of the interaction online.

Technology and Artificial Intelligence

On the other hand, with the global availability of valuable information, it has become more demanding, does not expect less than customized solutions to the needs of its business and has little tolerance for organizational complexities, demanding responses and transactions in real time. 2. Productivity productivity Faster ‘product to market’ cycles, customization of the offer. Lobal competitiveness and pressure on gross margins, is leading the business fabric to focus its initiatives on productivity gains, in all functional areas. Sales is one such Lebanon Telegram Number Data functional area, and companies are looking to get more business with fewer resources.

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Dimensions of B2B Seller Transformation

Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology-and-artificial-intelligence Technology is a particularly relevant force for change, as it not only has a direct impact on what the salesperson of the future will be like, but also reinforces the two forces described above. Artificial intelligence is already replacing some commercial functions with the use of advanced bots. And it is now empowering the ‘new salesperson’ with analytical ‘insights’ that will ATB Directory allow them to create a new dynamic of value creation in their relationship with their customers. The technology associated with ai in the form of automation tools will free human resources from heavy. Administrative tasks, so that they can focus on relationships, non-intrusive and on multiple digital channels depending on the customer’s preference.


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