Most Searched Terms in Portugal in 2019

Most Searched Terms in Portugal in 2019

DIf you share with me the curiosity about “what the Portuguese search for”, then the moment has come for the revelation of the year 2019. It is true that, nowadays, we use the famous “Google it” action for everything : To find out more about an actor, where a restaurant is, how to make pancakes, where to buy a specific article, or even to know when our favorite series comes out . As usual, Google Trends provides an annual report where it reveals the most searched terms by country or geographic area. Shall we kill curiosity? TOP 10 searches made by the Portuguese on Google in 2019 General Angelo Rodrigues Flamengo Cameron Boyce Eduardo Beauté Prado Museum Claudio Bravos camus Fall of the Berlin Wall Roberto Leal Conan Osiris Copa America instagram-angelo-rodrigues Source: Angelo Rodrigues Instagram National Names Angelo.

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Cameron Boyce Claudio Bravo Camus Luke Perry Lady Gaga Emiliano Sala Iker Casillas Billie Eilish Gabriel Diniz gugu Karl Lagerfeld cameron-boyce As…? How to know where to vote? oes Tinder work? How to make caramel? How to register an animal at SIAC? To fill out Taiwan Phone Number Data the IRS? How to make money? How to see the classic lottery prize? Does PayPal work? How to remove rust? How to delete Instagram account? vote What…? Is a seizure? Is a physiologist? What is Cerebral Embolism? What comes out in the Portuguese exam? To visit in Braga? To visit in Aveiro? Is Brexit? What is philosophy? What to do for dinner? Is civil requisition? What is that Programs and Series game of Thrones oscars Chernobyl Love on Top eurovision Song Festival like me.

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Take Advantage of Users’ Search Terms for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Endgame joker notre dame ICC Crickt World Cup Take advantage of users’ Search Terms for your Content Marketing Strategy Google Trends is a Google tool that aggregates search terms made by users. Through this platform, it is possible to access the frequency of these surveys, in several languages ​​and regions of the world. Of course, it’s interesting to do an “annual analysis” of the most searched ATB Directory keywords – as we did in this article. However, google trends is one of the main assets for anyone looking to. Develop digital content throughout the year (and not just now)! If you want. To write a blog article, record a video for youtube, or even plan posts. For social networks, first understand what users are consuming, then create. Optimized content and, finally, deliver what people want to see.


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