The 10 Most Famous and Cutest Dogs on Instagram

The 10 Most Famous and Cutest Dogs on Instagram

It is not new that people create profiles for their dogs on social networks. Since the dawn of blogs and vlogs, profiles for pets have been drawing attention and, with the arrival of Instagram, it is common to find famous dogs, for example. And no less. Who doesn’t like to see cute dog on their timeline? They snore, drool, are furry and lighten our days. On the other hand, the phenomenon of dog influencers has become a lucrative business for their tutors. Famous puppies partner with brands, sell merchandise and even publish books! We separated 10 profiles of famous dogs on Instagram for you to know, learn and enjoy with us. Here it comes! Jiffpom – 10.1 million followers This Pomeranian lulu is by far the most popular pet on Instagram, with over 10 million followers.

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With very cute posts, which justify the shower of likes, the little dog became famous in 2014, when it entered the Guinness Book as the fastest dog in the world running on two legs: it covered 10 meters in 6.56 seconds supported only on its hind legs and 5 meters in 7.76 seconds over the fronts. He is a three-time world record holder. Jiffpom also starred opposite Katy Perry in the music video “Dark Horse” and is still part of a wall calendar with 50 5-star Denmark WhatsApp Number Data ratings on Amazon. All this success is thanks to a good content planning filled with photo shoots with props and cute clothes. Doug the Pug – 3.9 million followersThis friendly Pug has 3.9 million followers on Instagram alone, but if we take into account other social networks, his audience exceeds 12 million.

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How to Make Your Pet Famous on Instagram

Doug is an actor, twice a People’s Choice Award winner, owns a clothing brand with his face, and was the subject of a coloring book and a biography, which even made The New’s best-seller list. York Times. The puppy still uses his fame for good. His tutors founded a non-profit organization, the doug the pug foundation. Whose mission is “To bring joy and support to children battling cancer and other fatal diseases.” marutaro – 2.5 million followers with over 2.5 million followers on instagram. Marutaro, one of the first pets to hit the web, is a charming shiba-inu dog. Who always seems to be smiling in pictures. Their owners claim that the dog has this. Expression ATB Directory since it was a puppy, always seeming to be having a lot of fun.


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