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We all know YouTube as a video-sharing website that you visit when you want to watch videos of funny kittens, or gaffes of adventurous children. The truth is that this network is much more than everyday virals. YouTube is also the platform for a community of people who produce videos with meaningful messages, and these people have a huge network of followers. Just five years ago, users created their videos in their bedrooms, with small cameras and their lamps as lights. Today, they are launching beauty products, have their own radio show, and even receive offers to write books. A new YouTube advertising campaign that has invaded our street clocks and bus stops has left us perplexed. Why is one of the biggest media channels investing in offline media? Clearly they are investing heavily, and the message they want to convey is: YouTube is serious.

YouTube serious-thing Of course, the campaign

is also in digital ads, but the fact that they leave their comfort zone makes it very clear that they are in the market to expand their audience. What they want is much more than visitors looking for banal entertainment. They want to win over the TV audience. It was interesting to see that, more than promoting itself, YouTube was promoting independent channels. Camila Coelho, Porta dos Fundos, Manual do Mundo are some that were part of this Brazilian campaign. It’s impossible to make it clearer than that: YouTube wants to professionalize the site’s content. The network wants to invest Oman Phone Number Data in its content creators, giving them space where they can considerably improve the quality of their videos, even rivaling television programs. These videos with higher production quality attract more qualified visits to the network, and consequently, it becomes a more diverse.

Faithful and fertile advertising environment.

Even more interesting for large and small companies that advertise or produce content for YouTube there. Also read: Is YouTube Marketing Worth It? Well, YouTube doesn’t ignore the enormous potential that these network “stars” carry. And to invest in its content creators, YouTube opened studios, called YouTubeSpaces, for its users to use for free as long as they have more than 5,000 subscribers. The subscriber limit means a wide range of YouTube ATB Directory  users could have access to professional equipment, helping them expand their channel at a low cost. Currently, they have opened spaces in New York, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo and now in São Paulo, with the advantage that the Brazilian space accepts channels with at least 1,000 subscribers! The space is on the eve of its opening, and will feature modern audiovisual resources, training and courses. Check out how to sign up and .

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