Nobody likes my Facebook Posts! Am I bad at Social Media

Nobody likes my Facebook Posts! Am I bad at Social Media

The number of fans on your Facebook page can be misleading, just because they like your page doesn’t mean their newsfeeds generate posts from your page. If no one is seeing your page’s posts in their news feed, they won’t be liking, commenting or sharing them. If your posts are receiving significantly fewer likes or comments than the number of fans your page has, don’t despair! Nobody likes my Facebook Posts! What is happening_ Here are some reasons why this is happening: 1. You have bought into your fan base Sounded like a great short-term social media strategy, right? But experiments have proven that buying fans does more harm than good. Most of these purchased likes are bots coming from international accounts. Combine the majority of fake fans, who will never respond to a post, with the Facebook algorithm, which shows your page in your fans’ newsfeed if.

You have bought into your fan base

There is a significant amount of interaction (a like, share or comment), and you have a recipe for disaster. How do you dig out of the hole of purchased fans? It’s not very easy,  unfortunately. You will have to find true fans and get them to like your page until they outnumber purchased fans. 2. Your content is not that interesting Not everything he produces is worth publishing. Additionally, Facebook’s algorithms will filter for everyone who chooses not to receive notifications of new messages  New Zealand Phone Number Data in their news feed. To get an idea of ​​why everything can’t appear in everyone’s news feed, take a look at the Facebook ticker; unfiltered for most people, it moves faster than anyone can keep up. When Facebook has to decide what app.

Your content is not that interesting

Ears in your news feed, interaction with a post is its main ranking factor. What should you do to increase interaction? Ask for feedback! Instead of just posting an interesting article, ask your fans for their opinions on it. Run a live FAQ or run a contest on your page! Anything that motivates your fans will improve the amount of people who see your posts. 3. You ATB Directory update too often or too little Different social networks need different agendas. Twitter, for example, encourages accounts to post more frequently because Twitter feeds move quickly. Facebook, on the other hand, values ​​interactions on a post more than anything else. If you post too many times, your fans   will spread their interactions across too many posts, which prevents you from appearing in other fan’s news feeds. You should aim for the highest amount of interaction on each post, so limit your pos.


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