Paid Social Media Guide Creating a LinkedIn Campaign

Paid Social Media Guide Creating a LinkedIn Campaign

LinkedIn is not just another Social Network. It is a Professional Network, aimed at networking, which has a set of differentiating characteristics. For both users and companies, LinkedIn offers important advantages. It is a platform that, if properly exploited by companies, can help increase the number of leads and customers. LinkedIn is a community of professionals that already has 690 million users worldwide, of which 3 million are in Portugal. Source: LinkedIn Advantages of LinkedIn paid-social-networks-guide-5-creating-a-linkedin-campaign for users In general, LinkedIn is a Professional Network that allows its users to: Establish professional contacts; Be aware of the news in your area of ​​expertise; Search for new job opportunities; Share and read news or publications related to your professional activity; Participate in debate and discussion groups. for the brands This Network allows you to increase your brand’s reach and awareness.

Targeting Options in LinkedIn Ads

Some of the benefits of LinkedIn to streamline and expand business are: Generate brand awareness; Promote products and services; Increase the number of prospects, leads and customers; Drive organic traffic to your website/blog. To help leverage each of these benefits, you can use the implementation of campaigns. Advertise on Linkedin First of all, you should explore this Network’s Ad Creation Platform: LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Resources Cambodia Phone Number Data associated with Marketing Solutions are grouped on this independent Platform, where you can create and manage your Paid Campaigns. To get started, just click on “Create Campaign”. The LinkedIn Ads Platform may seem intimidating, but it is very intuitive and guides the user through the necessary steps. After the basic settings (associating the profile and selecting the payment method) everything is ready to start creating your Campaign. The first step in creating LinkedIn Campaigns is one of the most important: defining the objective.

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Choose the Campaign Objective

To do this, you must answer the question: What do you want to achieve with your ad? 1. Choose the Campaign Objective Taking into account the stage of the Purchase Journey in which you want to reach your Buyer Persona, LinkedIn offers you 3 possibilities to define your objective with the Campaign: Knowledge If you are looking to generate brand awareness, reaching an audience that is more likely to see your ad . Consideration If you want to reach users who are more likely to click and/or interact . website visits Interaction video views ATB Directory Conversions To target people most likely to convert . lead generation Website Conversions Candidates for vacancies 2. Targeting Options in LinkedIn Ads Depending on the chosen objective, LinkedIn offers the following targeting options for each ad: Locations Language Target Audience Segmentation As for the target audience of the ad, the segmentation options are very wide on LinkedIn. Pay attention to this in order not to run the risk of exaggerating and creating an overly specific target.


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