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The pandemic caused by the new coronavirus was the great catalyst of 2020. In 2019, no one was talking about the arrival of the virus. In the world, much less expecting such serious consequences. As a result, all 2020 expectations regarding social media were. Exceeded by unexpected events caused by Covid-19. In this way, a lot has changed. Based on these changes, HubSpot , in partnership with Talkwalker , made a detailed report on expectations for Social . We have prepared a summary of the report to help you leverage your social media strategies this year. Follow the. Biggest trends in descending order! 11. Mixing of concepts in UCG UCG stands for User Generated Content , which is user-generated.Content from social media. The report brings this concept together with the word remixing , which, according to the concept attributed in the report, is the art of mixing different formats and.

Mixing of concepts in UCG

Recreating them to produce new content. This can be. Done through platforms such as TikTok, a short video platform that is the biggest. Trend at the moment. Among social networks, stories on Instagram, testimonials on social networks or even on the company’s own platform, as is the case with Greece Phone Number Data  Chipotle , which incorporated a game into its platform. For people to play while waiting for their order to arrive. The big idea here. ZIs to make the brand appear in the game, or in the. Remix on other platforms. 10. The 4 “Cs” of Covid-19. The 2021 tone for social. Media will be based on 4 “Cs”: Community , Contactless (less contact), Cleanliness (hygienic care related to the virus), Compassion . These 4 “Cs” should be the basis of the tone adopted by companies this year. This must be done in a way that adapts to the concerns and.

The content of memes

Needs of consumers, who will feel. More. Supported by brands and companies. The LEGO. Company is already betting on this by having the. Toys themselves appear on social. Media washing their hands to. Prevent Covid-19, for example. 9. The content of memes Memes are very popular on. The internet, gaining the space that previously belonged to emojis and. Gifs. They are an excellent way to communicate, as they express content in a funny way and are more likely to go viral, that is, spread ATB Directory across the internet. However, it is important to be careful and ensure that memes fit into your company’s communication. For younger companies, with a technological, innovation or B2C sales footprint, a meme can go down very well. But for more serious B2B companies, the meme should be evaluated with caution. Furthermore, it is necessary to “protect” yourself from memes, after all.

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