Mother’s Day how to prepare to sell jewelry

Mother’s Day is the second most profitable commemorative date in the ntage of this commemorative date to sell more jewelry, veneers and costume jewelry? Continue reading this article to find out. With the Coronavirus pandemic, e-commerce more than doubled in 2020. An average onlitics, household appliances. Home and decoration and fashion, according to. The Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association . ABCComm. Discover our e-commerce consultancy. For Mother’s Day 2021, the purchasing intention is 46% in relation to fashion and accessories, according to research by Social Miner . Another important finding was that 35% of those interviewed said they were going to buy their gifts exactly in the week in which Mother’s Day was celebrated. While 28% intend to buy two weeks in advance.

Who buys and who receives on Mother's Day?

This means that there is still time. To create a strong strategic. Plan for your jewelry, veneer or costume jewelry Store. And here in this article India WhatsApp Number Data  I will give you some ideas that you can. Implement in your business . In order for your brand to Talk to your audience and potential customers in the best possible way, it is important to ask yourself how mothers are represented in your Communication. It is essential to consider that the day represents the celebration. Of all maternal figures. After all. Aunts, Grandmothers, friends. mothers -in-law are also presented, not just mothers. Just like not only children go shopping. 32% of consumers over 50 intend to also give gifts to their wives on this date 22% of consumers who decide to buy during the period will give a gift to their wife 17% of the female public .

On commemorative dates, the volume of online

Wants to take advantage of period. Offers to . Buy  its social networks and in its  Brazilian women do not identify with. The way they are. Portrayed in advertising (Instituto Patrícia Galvão (2013) This question is even more Relevant this year, as the pandemic. Has Offected the lives of many people, especially. Many women, thus increasing ATB Directory gender inequality, living conditions in all areas and causing stress, exhaustion and depression, among others. other health problems. Nothing better than taking advantage of this date to showcase your business in a unique way, demonstrating your empathy and affection for all types of mothers.:) Before starting with the tips, I need to tell you that your online jewelry store needs to be prepared .

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